Pacific Rim Review of Books

Issue Fifteen

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Complete Issue Contents:


  • “Yes, Hope Is Our Duty: On Wendell Berry’s Leavings”
    Reviewed by Gregory Dunne
  • “Linda Rogers Talks To Glen Sorestad”: What We Miss by Glen Sorestad
    Review and interview by Linda Rogers
  • “Radical Poet’s Republic: Richard Brautigan in San Francisco, 1956-1958”
    By Jordan Zinovich
  • “Reading Susan Musgrave”: When the World Is Not Our Home and Obituary of Light: the Sangan River Meditations by Susan Musgrave
    Reviewed by Chelsea Thornton
  • “It Doesn’t Get Any Easier” Origami Dove by Susan Musgrave
    Reviewed by Carol Ann Sokoloff
  • The Ghost Brush by Katherine Govier
    Reviewed by Apis Teicher
  • “Who Was A t’ Serstevens?”
    By Alexander Nouvel


  • Music Books: “Just Like a Rollin’ Stone”: Life by Keith Richards
    Reviewed by Joseph Blake
  • “When the Whole Wide World Was Italian”: Amore by Mark Rotella
    Reviewed by Joseph Blake
  • Travel: “A Map of Sorts: A Letter From Istanbul”: The Museum of Innocence by Orhan Pamuk
    Travelogue and review by Linda Rogers
  • Point of View: “In Contempt and Anger”: Harperland: The Politics of Control by Lawrence Martin
    Reviewed by R.T. James
  • International Relations: American War Machine: Deep Politics, the CIA Global Drug
    Connection, and the Road to Afghanistan by Peter Dale Scott
    Reviewed by R.T. James


  • The Art of Breathing Underwater by Cathy Ford
    Reviewed by Ali Siemens
  • “Mending the Unmendable”: Words Like Distant Rain by Jakucho Setouchi and Tess Gallagher
    Reviewed by Micheline Soong page 11
  • “Sex Shaman”: Red Erotic by Janet Rogers
    Reviewed by Linda Rogers
  • Ghostmasters by Mani Rao
    Reviewed by JoAnn Dionne
  • Subject to Change by Renee Rodin
    Reviewed by Judith Copithorne
  • Revs of the Morrow by Ed Sanders; Vanitas 5 edited by Vincent Katz
    Reviewed by Paul Falardeau
  • Douglas County Jail Blues edited by Brian Daldorph
    Reviewed by James D. Sullivan
  • Archeology of Violence by Pierre Clastres
    Reviewed by Alan Graubard
  • “How to Fake Romance…”: How to Fake Romance When Your Love Is Real
    by Martin VanWoudenberg,
    Reviewed by Ali Siemens
  • It Is I, Patricia: an artist’s childhood by Pate Martin Bates
    Reviewed by Linda Rogers
  • “The Ethnographer’s Workshop”: The Lil’wat World of Charlie Mack by Dorothy Kennedy and Randy Bouchard
    Reviewed by Peter Grant
  • “Spring Winds: The Birthing of Japan’s New Women’s Poetry”: Other Side River, edited by Leza Lowitz and Miyuke Aoyama; A Long Rainy Season, edited by Lowitz, Aoyama and Akemi Tomoika
    Reviewed by Trevor Carolan
  • Blood, Feathers & Holy Men by Ben Nuttal-Smith
    Reviewed by Sheila Martindale
  • “The Oosumich of Open Form: Writing as Vision Quest”
    By Paul Nelson
  • “Is There Life After Death?”: Heaven Is Small by Emily Schultz
    Reviewed by Eric Spalding
  • “New World Frontier: On Cascadian Literature”: Making Waves: Reading British
    Columbia and Pacific Northwest Literature, edited by Trevor Carolan
    Reviewed by Paul Nelson
  • Enter the Chrysanthemum by Fiona Tinwie Lam
    Reviewed by Frances Cabahug