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Issue Twenty-Three

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Complete Issue Contents:


  • Habitation: Collected Poems by Sam Hamill
    Review by Charles Potts
  • The Hidden Master: George Dowden
    Essay by Gerald Nicosia
  • The Complete Poetry of Aimé Césaire by Aimé Césaire
    Review by Allan Graubard
  • Remembering Peter Trower
    Essay by Jim Christy
  • A Tribute to Larry Eigner: The Last Ten Years
    Essay by Jack Foley
  • There You Are: Interviews, Journals, and Ephemera by Joanne Kyger
    Review by Colin James Sanders
  • Brother by David Chariandy
    Review by Rajnish Dhawan
  • “McClure’s Visionary Journey”: Persian Pony by Michael McClure
    Review by Jesse Boyes
  • Venture of the Infinite Man by Pablo Neruda
    Review by Ajmer Rode


  • Environment: A River Captured by Eileen Delehanty Pearkes
    Review by Rose Morrison
    Whale in the Door by Pauline Le Bel
    Review by Elise Roberts
  • Music Books: I Am Brian Wilson: A Memoir by Brian Wilson
    Review by Joseph Blake
  • Letter from Paris: “Virginie Despentes’ NFT Guide of Paris: Vernon Subutex
    Essay by Anna Aublet
  • Children’s Books: The Heartwood Hotel by Kallie George
    Review by Chelsea Pastorchik
  • Border Crossings: “Delight and Dismay: Life in a Refugee Clinic”: Your Heart
    is the Size of Your Fist
    , by Martina Scholtens, review by Rose Morrison
  • Diplomacy: “Spies and Prophets”: The Road Not Taken by Max Boot
    Review by Richard Wirick
  • Mind & Body: “The Mind Makes Up the World”: From Bacteria to Bach and Back
    by Daniel C. Dennett, review by Richard Wirick
  • Poetry Round-Up: Cemetery Compost by Murray Reis; Blood Orange by
    Heidi Garnett; Infinite Power by Janet Vickers
    Review by Candice James


  • “Two from Anvil”: Escape from Wreck City by John Creary; Bad Engine
    by Michael Dennis, review by Ryan Pastorchik
  • Nearly Normal by Cea Sunrise Person
    Review by Chelsea Pastorchik
  • Tramping the Bulrushes by John Clarke
    Review by Patrick James Dunagan
  • “Tales and Photos of BC Families”: The Language of Family, edited by
    Michelle van der Merwe, review by Eric Spalding
  • In the Woods of Memory by Shun Medoruma
    Review by Trevor Carolan
  • Drawing the Shade by Michael Rothenberg
    Review by Richard Stevenson
  • The Sacred Herb/The Devil’s Wood by Andrew Struthers
    Review by Paulo Phelonius
  • Two Roads Home by Daniel Griffin
    Review by Joel Robertson Taylor
  • “Trouble and Beauty”: Too Late to Turn Back Now by Finn Wilcox
    Review by Ajmer Rode
  • Euclid’s Orchard & Other Essays by Theresa Kishkan
    Review by Linda Rogers
  • Extra Illicit Sonnets by George Elliot Clarke
    Review by Linda Rogers
  • “Hitting the Mother Lode”: Captain Poetry’s Sucker Punch by Kenneth Warren
    Review by Emily Izsak
  • The Summer Book, edited by Mona Fertig
    Review by Linda Rogers